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A medically retired navy veteran trying to get a new start with a business in real estate. This will allow him to become financially free to take care of his two kids, and allow him to pay off his debts from the recent divorce.

A former navy nuclear mechanic, Lee Pixler,  who is working in hotel maintenance. wants to get out of his third job to continue serving the American people, but this time by helping find homes for new families (or old families).
The real estate market will allow Lee to have the financial freedom to take care of his two kids, as well as allow him to spend more quality time during the day (since third shift will be no more). Real estate is also a strategic debt relief tactic, since the earning potential is greater than his current job. Please help Lee become the newest real estate agent in Illinois.
What the funds will be used for:
-Paying for MLS
-Paying for initial desk fees
-Pay for an initial round of advertising.
-Pay for a single new dress shirt.

If you have any questions,comments, or recommendations please feel free to post them. I will answer them ASAP.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/ysdb7j-real-estate-agent