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Highly adapted to LED displays, CNLINKO industrial connectors new debut to the market

SHENZHEN, CHINALED display in indoor and outdoor multi-scene use, such as outdoor commercial advertising display screen, can be seen everywhere. Because the LED display often faces water, humidity, high and low temperatures and other environmental factors, we tend to choose industrial connectors.

CNLINKO’s DH series 3-pin power connector can transmit power to provide connection support. The connector has a variety of wiring methods, such as welding and lock screws, to meet different wiring requirements.

Advantages of DH series connectors

1. industrial waterproof, refusing to seepage water

The waterproof connector comes with IP65/IP67 as standard and IP68 as optional, which can effectively prevent water and dust from intruding into the LED display connector in rainy and humid environments, resulting in transmission short-circuits or corrosion.

2. Anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance, matching outdoor

The power connector has high anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance, resisting salt spray for over 48 hours, so there is no need to fear LED display in the outdoor, road and other environmental corrosive substances.

3.Solid connection, solid as a rock

The Circular Connector adopts spiral bayonet connection structure design, which makes locking more tight. In long-term use, this connector will not be loosened due to various stresses and thermal expansion and contraction.

4. Swift wiring, fast experience

The connector for the lock screw wiring mode, which is fast and simple, is very convenient for LED display.

CNLINKO, as a popular industrial connector manufacturer, sells its products well in more than 180 countries and regions at home and abroad. If you are interested in the above product series, please visit the website of Cnlinko for consultation or purchase.For further information about CNLINKO: https://bit.ly/proLinko


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