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We are a family of four (Two young boys, 7 years old and a 14 month old) that purchased our dream home back in May of 2018. Looking to move closer to family and friends and have more space for our family to live and grow. We found the perfect home that met our needs and style. It was an older home with plenty of charm and potential. During the purchase we had our home thoroughly inspected from top to bottom form a well know Home Inspector in Michigan. Knowing that it was an older home we wanted to be safe. So all turned out to be great, only minor things to fix. Months down the road, we noticed some electrical and plumbing issues. So calling in the professionals, they checked things our and gave us some surprising news.

They found a hidden crawl space that was not disclosed by home owner or found by the inspector due to the fact it was closed off and not noticeable during inspection or walk thru. This crawlspace area turned into our worst nightmare. With asbestos insulation throughout the area and a steel beam holding up the main house with old car jacks that could break any moment and one end of the room that was to be our 14 month old’s bedroom above was being supported by that beam with no support (car jack) at the end and was just hanging and would fall to the ground and have the bedroom above just collapse.

Might not of happened right away but anytime thru the years it would have been inevitable. The thought of something happening to our son due to negligence on the sellers end left us with so much anger we sought out to legal representation to see if there was anything we could do, but to our dissatisfaction it left us with no hope. There was nothing that could have protected us on the law side of things that would help. We could not go after the seller or the home inspector for this.

The amount of legal fees and time would not be beneficial in any way. There needs to be some action for things like this for new home owners getting there dream homes and getting there dreams shattered to find out the unexpected items that were not disclosed or found when first buying the home. Needless to say, I had to get this structural mishap fixed right away. We had the asbestos removed and the whole crawl space cleaned by the professionals and new steel posts installed per code to support the beam that was falling. The house is now structural sound but with that comes the expense to fix it all. We are a very hard working family and never ask for much. I have always believed in working hard to get the things in life you desire.

The main concern was keeping my family safe and sound and away from harms way. We are getting by but having to work extra hard every month and loosing time spending with the family is what hurts the most. Having to pay the extra cost to keep the house safe comes at a price and having known this before we purchased we would have never bought this house. Since there is no way to go to the persons responsible, I am looking to get some help from people like you and fundraisers like this to help settle the cost of this major downfall.

I am far from the person that ever ask’s for help financially, but with a family to support and keeping our dream home alive along with many enjoyable memories to be had in this home is what makes me want to make this dream happen. Our family is what will benefit most out of this fundraiser. All the money raised will be put back into the loans that were taken to pay for all this damage.

There will be no need to find second/extra employment elsewhere to offset the cost. More time will be spent with family where it counts. No stress will be on mine and my wife’s shoulders to bear this heavy burden. We are so blessed to have family and friends support through all this.

I have been so fortunate and blessed to have a loving wife and two amazing boys that I would do anything for them.


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