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Here’s the logline for the film: An Elvis-like angel coaches a failed entertainer to redemption

Description: We want to bring Elvis fans and film fans around the world together to make an international hit comedy that is “by the fans for the fans” — financed by fans, starring fans in minor roles, and featuring a wish list of actors voted on by fans in online polls. We’re trying to raise an record of $5 million for film crowdfunding and give $150,000 to charity if we reach this top target.

There are over 18 million Elvis fans on groups and pages on Facebook alone. And there are tens of millions more latent Elvis fans out there, who we think would respond very positively to an inspiring Elvis-like character in a movie.

We want to make a low-brow, feel-good comedy that inspires young and old. We’ve got a fantastically funny and an original screenplay – a heartwarming tale about self discovery, redemption, hope, inclusivity and anti-ageism.  We’ve pitched our story to several US-based producers at the Cannes Film Festival, who were positive about it and wanted to see the script.  But we’re holding back. We want to give fans the chance to be our producers instead. That’s because we want to keep creative control and make a film that stays away from tired formulas.

That’s right, we want to keep it fresh and original. Also, we don’t want to make a B movie, which would be easier to finance. That means we need at least $3 million, but ideally $5 million, to commission the film outright and guarantee a high production quality.

We’ve got adviser roles and over 20 minor roles that start to become available as PERKS once we get past the $3.25 million funding mark. And if we reach our top target of $5 million, we could get the film into the cinemas by the end of 2019.

We’re thinking big, and we want the fans to think big with us.

Here’s a link to full campaign:

And there’s more info about the story on the official website:

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