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This is my brother Roland. Lived and worked most of his life as one of the best auto body guys in Brampton.
But my brother was attacked and robbed 2.5 years ago for 40.00 dollars leaving him unconscious in the snow for 11 hours. This brutal attack left my brother with a broken neck, a brain injury and the loss of both legs due to frost bite. He was in two hospitals, wore a halo for 6 months, had two operations and in rehab for 6 months to learn how to walk with prosthetics.

Sadly upon being released with nothing and nowhere to live he now needed a place with no stairs. I moved him in with our mother who lived in a wonderful apartment building all accessible. I made a promise to my brother I would help him back to where he needs to be in life.
After 8 months of living with our mother she passed away suddenly.

I applied for ODSP and had to find him another place to live as he could not afford to live in her place receiving $1,100.00 a month. I have helped him the best I can being on disability myself. Wanting to go back to Brampton which he was most familiar with I searched and searched and found one place who said they didn’t want any handicapped person living in there building, and another who would not give me an answer no matter how many times I asked.

Finally my searched paid off and I found him a bachelor apartment with a balcony, small but enough for him and his scooter to fit. Sad thing is my brother is still trying to come to grips with what happened, what did he do wrong, where’s my feet, he’s still in shock.

My brother is on ODSP, receives $1,100.00 a month…They work it out as basic needs $631.00 & shelter $479.00…….His rent cost $790.50, which will go up again in June, his basic cable is 70.00, his cell for emergency’s which is a basic flip of $50.85, his electric bill is $23.00 as I got him the deduction from Ontario Canada for low income, and now you have to have apartment insurance which is $27.93  a month…He lives on $137.72 per month and if I divide that by 4 weeks he lives on $34.43 for food,  and personal items.

I have signed him up at the food bank the day he moved to Brampton. Heart breaking when you receive call after call there’s no food at the food bank. After searching I found him another food bank, but then you have to cancel out the first one as you’re only allowed to go to one place. Hoping his scooter makes it, as it’s about 30 minutes from where he lives, I worry how will he get there in the winter….then hope there’s food when he goes as your only allowed to go once a month…

I spoke to a lady from social services; she told me that I should look at moving my brother out to Oakville-Halton Hills as they have a lot of places rent geared to income.  Thinking ok, if I have to make the drive out there that’s fine as long as he will have some extra money for food, clothing etc. She tells me if he does move there ODSP will not cover his drives to his prosthetic doctor which is twice a month.  Oh, and the waiting list is of at least 7 to10 years.

I have spoken with………………..

CPP disability; if I apply/switch he loses the help for his prosthetics legs.

OW, they do not offer financial assistance because he’s on ODSP.

Street help; they only help if you’re being evicted.

Discretion fund, they gave him 100.00 two months ago and wrote it as a transportation ride allowed once.

ODSP, nothing else for him as he’s at the limit.

This is my 57 year old brother who worked his whole life and never asked for anything, he’s paid his taxes and was never ever on unemployment, and yet the government says he will have to wait at least 7 to 10 years for housing rent geared to income.

This is heartbreaking and life changing.

This Radom acted of violence stole my brother’s life….and for what!  $40.00 dollars.

I have never asked anyone for anything in my life, and still wouldn’t, but I am asking for him………… is all about help for my brother…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

Thank You!