Masters degree in Human Rights Law at the University of Manchester JustGiving CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

I am pursuing my Masters in Human Rights. I believe that the world needs a change in the human rights arena. This is however, self-funded and i cannot do it by myself. Please help me to raise the requisite funds for my study and let me be the change i wish to see in the world.

I’ve always been passionate about social welfare and positively impacting the world. The impact I wish to create requires a step further in self-actualisation and development. I have decided to pursue a degree in Human Rights Law at the University of Manchester.

This degree will help me to inform discourse and influence policies in this field and further help individuals to find ways to inherently fight for their rights. I am however self-funded. My tuition currently stands at £12,000 and as such I need your help if I am to be able to realise my goal. I am truly and deeply grateful for all the help you will provide!


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