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National Coalition for Cheap and Reliable Access to Space (CATS) Formed

2008-07-17 11:34:00

                - Ohio Aerospace Institute Provides Support

     - National Summit to Be Held at The Ohio State University Oct. 7-8

    CRYSTAL CITY, Va., July 17 /EMWNews/ -- A broad array of

not-for-profit organizations today announced at the NewSpace 2008

conference the creation of a National Coalition for Cheap and reliable

Access to Space (CATS).

    The Coalition will sponsor a National Summit on CATS in the

presidential battleground state of Ohio October 7-8, one month before the

election, and will deliver a Declaration for CATS to the next President of

the United States. The Ohio State University will host of the Summit.

    The initial members of the National Coalition for CATS include the Ohio

Aerospace Institute, the Space Frontier Foundation, the National Space

Society, the California Space Authority, the NewSpace Alliance, the

Progress & Freedom Foundation, the Space Studies Institute, the Students

for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), the Space Power

Association, the Spaceward Foundation, the Space Generation Advisory

Council, the Moon Society, the Aerospace Technology Working Group, and the

Committee for the Advocacy of Space Exploration.

    Charles Miller, coordinator of the National Coalition for CATS said,

"Cheap and reliable access to space, or CATS, is something that nearly all

space organizations can agree is very important to the future of our nation

in space. All roads to a hopeful future in space go through cheap access to


    The National Coalition for CATS, working with leading figures across

the space community, will collaborate over the next 12 weeks to develop a

"National Declaration for Cheap and reliable Access to Space." The CEOs of

non-profit and for-profit companies will be invited to sign the

Declaration, and will deliver this declaration to the next President of the

U.S. after the November election.

    Michael Heil, president and CEO of the Ohio Aerospace Institute,

stated, "The next President of the United States needs to know that Ohio is

an aerospace state that cares about growing the aerospace economy, and new

high-wage aerospace jobs. Radically lower cost space access will enable

rapid growth in existing markets, and create entire new industries. CATS

will help create new high-wage jobs in the state of Ohio and for the rest

of America."

    To follow the activities of the National Coalition for CATS, or to

acquire more information on the Declaration for CATS as it is developed,

visit . For information on the National Summit

on CATS, visit .

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