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New Report Highlights Innovative Retail Solution

2008-08-04 10:50:00

New Report Highlights Innovative Retail Solution

    LOUISVILLE, Ky., Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- Stretching resources is a

concern for business owners in this turbulent economic climate - especially

in the retail sector, as consumers are doing more to preserve their

disposable income.

    Friday, in a poll on NBC's Today show Web site, 56 percent of

respondents said they are cutting back by driving less (e.g. buying less

gas), and 25 percent said they are cutting shopping trips in half to save


    Such consumer efforts to pinch pennies mean the time for retailers to

seriously explore money-saving solutions is now. In an effort to help guide

them, ArcaTech Systems has released a special report that details how

cash-recycling devices can be just that. "Reduce Retail Labor Costs: The

Business Case for Cash Recyclers" takes a look at these machines and the

ways in which they can help business owners cut costs.

    "Retailers are suddenly realizing that the thing that's costing them

the most is handling money," said Phil Garvis, retail-cash-management

solutions expert for Wincor Nixdorf International, a manufacturer of cash


    "It costs them more labor to handle money. Times are tough and

competition is tough, and retailers have to squeeze every dollar out they


    According to the report, cash recyclers help reduce spending overall by

eliminating the need for an employee to handle a store's money supply -

freeing that employee up for other duties and saving valuable time.

Furthermore, the machines offer more security than traditional

cash-management methods and are easy for employees to operate.

To download the special report, visit Contact: Caroline Cooper: (502)241-7545; [email protected]

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