Our 8 year old daughter suffers from labial fusion. Her inner labia are fused and giving her great grievances and pain.

She has had this condition since she was just a month or two old. It has not gotten better with time nor have the creams helped.

Treatments with topical estrogen cream have failed and the next step is surgery.

Surgery how ever will not happen for quite some time. This surgery cost quite a bit and it will all have to come out of pocket so surgery will not happen for a while unless we are blessed by kindhearted donor. I find it very difficult that she might have to wait a long time for this surgery as I am the one who sees all the pain and discomfort she goes through and I am the one cleaning the gunk that sets in the small cavity formed by her fused labia.

This is absolutely heartbreaking and I only wish to make her life painless so that she can be a happy 8 year old girl.

She should not need to be worried with pain and discomfort at the age of 8. This is greatly affecting her confidense and it really is heartbreaking.

I really hope you will help us in this quest to get her to a surgery as soon as possible.

With thanks from the Jonsson family