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Predictive Analytics Projects Consumer Perceptions of Global Brands


Adaptive Technologies, Inc.

2008-07-28 11:17:00

Predictive Analytics Projects Consumer Perceptions of Global Brands

Predictive Analytics Projects Consumer Perceptions of Global Brands

ATi and SHR Create Branding Strategies With Online Solution

PHOENIX, AZ–(EMWNews – July 28, 2008) – Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi), the

Intelligent Information(SM) company, has joined forces with SHR Perceptual

Management to advance SHR’s Sensory Positioning™ process to a

ground-breaking online model embedded with predictive analytic

functionality. Sensory Positioning is a proven 20-year-old methodology

used by SHR in focus group testing on behalf of many leading companies,


Coca-Cola, General Mills, Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen.

ATi delivers Intelligent Information in software-as-a-service (SaaS)

predictive analytic solutions, providing clients with predictable outcomes

such as which targets will respond to a brand message or who is most likely

to buy their products. The Sensory Positioning online testing environment

provides a robust and predictable understanding of consumer brand

perceptions of product designs and other marketing communication touch

points. The online testing allows clients to leverage their budgets to

access much larger sample sizes, in multiple markets in a shorter time span

as well as to include global participants. ATi adds a quantitative

validation component to the cognitive science of Sensory Positioning,

capturing respondent feedback faster and more cost effectively.

“ATi is excited to team with SHR to combine expertise in bringing to market

a revolutionary branding process that combines science and technology to

help business leaders use intelligent information to make better decisions

about their brands,” said Susan Cordts, president and CEO of Adaptive

Technologies, Inc.

SHR Perceptual Management is a brand consulting and strategic design firm

with a 35-year history of success in building brands and positioning them

for long-term sustainability. SHR’s work focuses on the important

positioning, re-positioning and revitalization of existing brands to more

effectively connect and emotionally resonate with desired target audiences

both internal and external.

“In today’s cluttered and competitive environment, consumers don’t believe

words, what they do believe is what they see,” said Will Rodgers, founder

at SHR Perceptual Management. “SHR’s proprietary Sensory Positioning

process identifies visual and other sensory cues, like sound, that more

credibly trigger desired brand perceptions in the product, marketing

communications, brand experiences and branded environments at a glance.”

About Adaptive Technologies, Inc. – Adaptive Technologies, Inc. (ATi) helps

business leaders make better decisions. We provide companies with tailored

business intelligence and advanced predictive analytics solutions that turn

enterprise data into intelligent, actionable information. Founded in 2001,

Adaptive Technologies, Inc. is privately held and based in Arizona.

About SHR Perceptual Management – SHR Perceptual Management, founded in

1970, remains at the forefront of building brands and perceptual

management. Founders Will Rodgers and Barry Shepard continue to inspire

their team to develop processes for brand innovation, brand alignment,

brand implementation for leading global companies including Coca-Cola, Del

Webb, PETsMART, General Mills, BMW, Verizon Wireless and Boeing. SHR is

headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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