Robyn’s Foster Journey ViralExposure Booster

I’ve wanted to become a foster parent for years. When I moved into my current home, those dreams went on a back burner (FAR back) because the house needed so much work. And because I thought that I wouldn’t be having any more children in my home, I made my 3 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom. Now, I’m moving forward with the foster parent training (my daughter, Kaylee is, too) and will likely have an infant joining my home soon! He’s a preemie who is close to my heart (family member). I’m excited about the opportunity, but need to move into a 3-4 bedroom house that is updated and will pass muster to foster. The situation has me in a financial conundrum, as I need to move quickly and then sell my house. I’ve been looking at potential rentals, but don’t have the funds to make this happen in the needed time frame Any assistance that can help me care for littles in need would be greatly appreciated! ❤️ Thank you!

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