Save our home Cassie Miller GoFundME Campaign

Please help us save our home. After 2 family members passed away we had a tough time trying to keep up with all the Bill’s, but then my husband started having trouble with his back and had to take time off of work and then I got laid off for about 4 months.

That is when we started getting way behind, so far behind they had to shut off our power, and now our roof leaks and we have a hole in the roof from a racoon, and we just can’t seem to get caught up.

I need to get my teeth fixed and we can’t even do that and we found out that we now have to pay for the property tax that we didn’t know about.

We live pay check to pay check,Were not looking to pay our home off, just what we need to get caught up. We have tried everything and now we are trying this, it’s our last hope.

We are going to end up homeless if we don’t get some help. Anything you give will help.

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