Session With Obama Closes UNITY ’08 Conference

2008-07-27 22:12:00

Session With Obama Closes UNITY ’08 Conference

    CHICAGO, July 27 /EMWNews/ -- Sen. Barack Obama told an

audience of more than 2,500 journalists of color that actions speak louder

than words when it comes to addressing past mistreatment of communities of

color in the United States.


    Obama was the closing speaker at UNITY '08, the five-day, quadrennial

conference that brought together more than 7,000 members from the four

largest ethnic journalism associations in the United States.

    "We were pleased to have Sen. Obama speak to our members," said UNITY

President Karen Lincoln Michel. "It is important that the issues of

diversity and fair and accurate coverage of communities of color be part of

the discussion in choosing the next president of the United States."

    During the UNITY Presidential Candidate Forum that was sponsored by CNN

and TIME Magazine, and aired live over CNN, Obama was asked whether he

would push for a formal U.S. apology to Native Americans for the treatment

they have received in the United States.

    "I think the U.S. government should not just offer words, but should

offer better schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are

unemployed," said Obama.

    Obama was the only announced candidate for the 2008 U.S. Presidential

election to speak at this year's conference. Presumptive Republican

presidential candidate John McCain had been invited to address conference

attendees, but campaign officials declined citing scheduling conflicts.

During the 2004 UNITY conference, both the Democratic candidate John Kerry

and Republican President George Bush made formal appearances at UNITY.

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