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BroadBandSpot Initiative for Communities and Business to rebound from Economic Disaster that ensues post Huricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

With 1 Million Dollars we can airfreight more than 200 VSAT VOIP and Internet Appliances providing small business’s access to credit card processing and critical business information services. The systems that we are assembling cost about 3500 USD each. AirFreight and Installing will cost an additional 1500 USD .

With these systems BroadBandSpot can help to restore normal business actvity and get them up and running again. This access can be paired with wireless to enable more that just one connection to the internet, thereby providing wireless access for close-proximity business’s that desperatly need access.

VSAT systems provide both Phone and Internet access for areas that are not physically connected by wire to the utilities.

We plan on using the funds to offset the cost of the systems, delivery, and install to assist small business – those who employ 50 or less people, and to put “boots on the ground” in order to install those systems.

Current Cash shortages means that business’s who can process Credit Cards can recover more quickly, and we aim to provide means for information access, in this increasingly digital global Economy.

We want to help those business and services to help themselves, get back to work, and get Puerto Rico back on its feet.

We plan on working with Disater Relief Organizations, and other NGO’s to pair systems with small business owners.

BroadBandSpot will be looking for an additional funds in order to pay for satelite data plans for those business’s.

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