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SpaceX’s Starlink and Italy’s Telespazio Join Forces to Improve Satellite Communication

Telespazio of Italy decides to join hands with Elon Musk and SpaceX’s Starlink, aiming to enhance global connectivity and sustainability of space resources.

Rome, Lazio Jun 12, 2024 ( – The joint venture between Thales and Leonardo, resulted in the company Telespazio, announcing a new partnership with Elon Musk’s company. Telespazio is a collaboration between the Italian defense group Leonardo (67%) and the French group Thales (33%). Now this company announced that it is investing in the satellite communications sector through a partnership agreement with SpaceX with an aim to distribute Starlink constellation offered services. This signed agreement will allow Telespazio to incorporate Starlink’s services into its own hybrid connectivity network. This network combines terrestrial and satellite solutions, ensuring reliable communications. The communications will be from both mobile and fixed sources carrying exclusive coverage on the global scale.

The head of Telespazio’s Satellite Communications Business Line, Alessandro Caranci expressed his satisfaction with the partnership with Starlink. With this collaboration, Telespazio will be enhancing its range of offered services in the industry of satellite communications. It will be able to provide comprehensive solutions for institutional clients along with critical industrial sectors like maritime and energy transport. Prime Minister GiorgiaMeloni commented, “This is excellent news.” “I hope to increase collaboration and congratulate Elon Musk on the successful Starship test.”

Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini also praised the agreement between Telespazio and Starlink. He calls the deal and the commercialization of Starlink services in Italy “an important step forward for the country’s infrastructure development.” Adolfo Urso, the minister of Industry and Made in Italy expressed his satisfaction with the deal as well saying, “The agreement between Telespazio and SpaceX is crucial for improving connectivity in underserved areas and enhancing the competitiveness of our businesses.”

With this deal, it is safe to say that the return of the space race has officially begun. Private companies like SpaceX in the industry of space have sparked a new era of competition and innovation. In addition to Musk’s Starlink, other companies like Amazon’s Kuiper project are also creating satellite constellations to improve global connectivity. This competition in the space industry promotes further technological advancements which has the potential to result in even more competitive prices, along with a more comprehensive range of satellite services, especially for a growing number of interconnected people. However, this phenomenon also raises significant questions in regard to the involvement of private entities in space along with the regulation of all space activities.

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