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Starbucks Launches Vivanno(TM) Nourishing Blends

2008-07-14 17:27:00

New Vivanno™ Line Offers Balanced Beverage

Options for Customers Seeking Healthier Solutions On the Go

SEATTLE–(EMWNews)–Starbucks Coffee Company (NASDAQ:SBUX) is raising the bar on good

nutrition with the introduction of Vivanno

Nourishing Blends, which are available Tuesday, July 15 at Starbucks

stores across the U.S. and Canada. Developed with a strong nutritional

goal in mind, the Orange Mango Banana and Banana Chocolate flavored

beverages provide at least one serving of fruit, 16 grams of

protein, and 5 grams of fiber with 270 calories or less and no

artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup

(nutrition based on 16 fluid ounces).

With customers looking for healthier options to fit their on-the-go

lifestyles, the new Vivanno beverage line is

one way Starbucks is meeting requests for great-tasting, good-for-you

offerings while furthering its commitment to food and beverage

selections that support a healthy lifestyle. The simple ingredient list

for both beverages includes:

  • one whole banana,

  • a proprietary whey protein and fiber powder,

  • choice of milk,

  • and ice (in the Orange Mango Banana Blend, Naked®

    Juice is also added).

Our customers have told us theyre

looking for overall well-being in their lives and healthier options are

part of that. We feel the simple, transparent ingredient list and the

functional nutrition of Vivanno meet this

need, said Katie Thomson, registered

dietitian and senior nutritionist, Starbucks Coffee Company. We

developed this beverage to help our customers get through their busy

days by creating a proprietary whey protein and fiber powder that

delivers the sustaining nourishment theyre

looking for without interfering with the great taste.

Customizing Vivanno Nourishing Blends

The two blends can be easily customized to fit taste preference and


  • A Shot of Espresso added to the Banana Chocolate Blend provides

    the bold, smooth flavor of espresso with no extra calories.

  • Matcha Green Tea Powder added to the Orange Mango Banana Blend

    gives the beverage the antioxidants of green tea with only 40

    additional calories. The powder also increases the amount of Vitamin C

    to 45 percent Daily Value.

  • Nonfat Milk in place of the standard 2 percent milk shaves off

    20 calories and up to 3 grams of fat.

Overall Commitment to Healthier Options

In January of this year, Starbucks recommitted to actively listen and

respond to its customers; the new Vivanno

Nourishing Blends beverage line helps deliver on this promise. To date,

Starbucks has taken numerous steps toward offering healthier options:

  • Reducing overall calories, fat and saturated fat content in core

    beverages and bakery items:






Core beverages: a decrease in overall calories by 14 percent, fat by

36 percent and saturated fat by 38 percent


Core bakery items: a decrease on average of 5 percent in calories,

15 percent in fat and 8 percent in saturated fat

  • Moving to 2 percent milk as a standard for core beverages in North


  • Removal of artificial trans fat in all food and beverages in North


Starbucks is also committed to full transparency in nutrition

information. In addition to in-store nutrition guides, the most

up-to-date nutrition detail on Starbucks offerings can be found by


Product B-Roll available:

Tuesday 7/15/08

04:00-04:15 AM ET

AMC 3, Tr. 8, DL 3860V

About Starbucks

Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically

sourcing and roasting the highest quality arabica coffee in the

world. Today, with stores around the globe, the company is the premier

roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. Through our

unwavering commitment to excellence and our guiding principles, we bring

the unique Starbucks Experience to life for every customer

through every cup. To share in the experience, please visit us in our

stores or online at

Starbucks Coffee Company
Lisa Passé,

206-318-7100” shape=”rect”>

Public Relations
Aarti Arora, 212-704-4472

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