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Taiwan Hosts “CHEF’S TABLE: A Culinary Adventure with Taiwan Halal Ingredients” to Promote Halal Certified Products.

On the afternoon of June 25, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) hosted “CHEF’S TABLE: A Culinary Adventure with Taiwan Halal Ingredients” at the Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei. This cooking show featured renowned chefs from Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia, who utilized Taiwan’s Halal-certified products to create exquisite dishes. The event underscored Taiwan’s dynamic approach to the global Halal market through culinary innovation and cultural exchange.

The culinary lineup included notable figures such as Chef Kuan-Min Chen from the Howard Plaza Hotel, Chef Adie Miartadi from Indonesia, and Malaysian Chef Fikree. Together, they showcased their culinary expertise using Taiwanese Halal-certified ingredients like camellia oil, winter melon tea, bread crumbs, local dried fruits, and other unique products. These ingredients were masterfully incorporated into dishes that blended Taiwanese flavors with Southeast Asian culinary styles. In collaboration with the Howard Hotel, a unique Middle Eastern-inspired honey cake enhanced with Taiwanese longan honey and dried red guava was also crafted as a special souvenir for the event.

The event attracted numerous representatives from various countries stationed in Taiwan and international buyers. The famous Taiwanese Chef, James Cheng, was also invited to the event to review and taste the food. James said that he experienced a variety of Taiwanese halal ingredients presented in different ways during the event which gave him some new ideas. In addition to the culinary demonstrations, the event highlighted the potential of Taiwanese Halal products in international markets. Chef Fikree expressed optimism about the prospects of Taiwanese Halal spicy sauce in the Malaysian market, appreciating its unique flavor and potential appeal to Malaysian consumers. Meanwhile, Chef Adie was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of Halal products available in Taiwan, noting the variety and quality as exceptional. These endorsements from renowned international chefs underscore the global appeal and marketability of Taiwan’s Halal products.

This event also featured a Halal product showcase area, displaying a series of oils such as camellia oil, black sesame oil, and pumpkin seed oil, as well as a variety of Halal foods such as seasonings, chili sauce, frozen hamburger buns, vegetarian chicken pieces, vegetarian meatballs, fish floss, and winter melon tea bricks. There were also Halal cosmetics such as facial masks and lotions, attracting the attention of Muslim representatives and buyers present at the event.

The president and CEO of TAITRA, Simon Wang said, “Taiwan has a variety of high-quality halal ingredients. We hope to take this opportunity to introduce these ingredients to Muslim consumers. Through continuous efforts and innovation, we can expand Taiwan’s visibility in the global halal market.”

This year, Taiwan has also proudly maintained its position as the third top non-OIC destination in the 2024 Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) published by Mastercard and Crescent Rating, highlighting its commitment and appeal as a Muslim-friendly destination.

The entire event was live-streamed online, allowing an international audience to witness the versatility and appeal of Taiwanese Halal products. This event precedes the upcoming Food Taipei, where TAITRA will continue to promote Taiwanese Halal products through one-on-one business meetings scheduled for June 26th. This continuous effort underscores Taiwan’s commitment to becoming a prominent player in the global Halal market.

Furthermore, this November, the Taiwan Halal Center under TAITRA is set to target Halal-certified businesses for its first trade mission to Singapore, Malaysia, and the Middle East, aiming to expand business opportunities and deepen connections within the global Halal community.

Through these strategic initiatives, Taiwan is poised to expand its footprint in the Halal market, continuously innovating and adapting to meet global needs.

Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/live/8ypc-EuoK9U

Media Contact:

Taiwan Halal Center, TAITRA

Name: Ms. Yuting Wu

Email: [email protected]


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