The Good News Sewing Center

There are millions of people around the world, mostly women and children, who are locked in the bondage of human trafficking – modern day slavery. One way to combat human trafficking is to help these people develop a skill or trade that will become income producing and help lift them out of poverty. The aim of the Good News Sewing Center is to just that; teach girls rescued from human trafficking how to sew and thus be productive.

We we are starting out small with only 5 sewing stations, but feel the end result will drive to a larger operation. We will purchase 5 sewing machines, material and supplies, acquire a work space with utilities, and pay one instructor. The initial budget is for 3 months and is just shy of $3000. Due to the fees imposed by PayPal we are asking for just a little more and rounding up to an even $3000.

Along with quality sewing instruction, the students will be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s our prayer that they will feel his love and compassion, and experience His saving grace.