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TOR ANUMANA Launches ACRYPTO Cryptography Suite for Developing Secure Wireless and Wired Communications The ACRYPTO Cross-Platform Cryptography Suite Now Available to Wireless Industry



2008-04-01 05:47:00

TOR ANUMANA Launches ACRYPTO Cryptography Suite for Developing Secure Wireless and Wired Communications

The ACRYPTO Cross-Platform Cryptography Suite Now Available to Wireless Industry

SAN DIEGO, CA and KOLKATA, INDIA–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – TOR ANUMANA™, a

research and development company creating technologies and products for

computing and communication platforms, today announced the launch of its

new cross-platform cryptography suite, ACRYPTO, a library for enabling

secure communications. The ACRYPTO suite includes industry-standard

algorithms that provide developers the necessary security to ensure the

safe exchange of data between BREW® handsets and remote computers over

potentially unsecure networks.

“Today’s security practices will be unacceptable tomorrow,” said Subhashis

Mohanty of TOR ANUMANA. “We are committed to the research and development

of cutting edge algorithms and technologies so that developers can focus on

their area of expertise, knowing that they have peace of mind via TOR

ANUMANA’s security solutions.”

“Qualcomm recognizes ACRYPTO as a valuable extension library for the BREW

publisher and developer community to promote increased security practices,

as well as encourage the development of quality mobile applications,” said

Kathy Braegger, senior product manager and head of developer relations for

Qualcomm Internet Services. “TOR ANUMANA’s commitment to creating

beneficial technology for BREW developers is reinforced with the

availability of ACRYPTO.”

ACRYPTO extends BREW’s encryption support by providing AES192, AES256,

SHA256 and SHA256-based HMAC. ACRYPTO also includes AES128, SHA160,

SHA160-based HMAC, and the RSA algorithm.


ACRYPTO supports the necessary cryptography primitives to setup and

communicate securely. It includes public-key cryptography via RSA (supports

public moduli of 1024 bits and above), symmetric cipher via AES (128-bits,

192-bits and 256-bits), secure hashing via SHA (160-bits and 256-bits), and

hashed message authentication codes via SHA-based HMAC. ACRYPTO is

available now and is developed for Qualcomm’s BREW® solution, Microsoft

Windows, Microsoft Windows Mobile, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS and ARM ELF.

The founders of TOR ANUMANA anticipated early that wireless broadband,

expandable handset storage and “all-you-can-eat” data plans would become

main stream and present unique opportunities that were previously

unimaginable such as AFAR and ASYNC, TOR ANUMANA’s enterprise applications.

The company initially built enabling cross-platform technologies, libraries

and frameworks spanning mobile devices, desktops, laptops, servers running

Windows and Windows Mobile, BREW, Mac OS, UNIX , Linux and ARM ELF.

TOR ANUMANA plans to introduce a Java version in the near future and plans

to debut innovative applications for the Education space later this year.

TOR ANUMANA’s technologies and applications are supported by pending patent



TOR ANUMANA is a research and development company launched in 2004 by the


Mohanty, who shared a vision to establish a world-class community of

engineers, scientists, mathematicians and artists to create innovative

computing technologies. The company provides applications, development

tools and libraries for Computing and Communications platforms. TOR ANUMANA

is also engaged in active research and development in Computer Science and

Mathematics. The company maintains a philosophy that in order to provide

truly useful applications, an organization needs to delve into the

foundations of Computer Science and Mathematics. For more information,

please visit

Qualcomm and BREW are registered trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated. All

other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

ANUMANA and its logo are the trademark/registered trademark of ANUMANA in

various countries.

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