UFI and PARAMETA Forge Alliance to Redefine Blockchain Solutions for Real-World Assets

UFI and PARAMETA Forge Alliance to Redefine Blockchain Solutions for Real-World Assets

SINGAPORE – 07/02/2024 – (EMWNews) – In a landmark collaboration set to redefine the landscape of blockchain technology, UFI, a prominent player in the fintech sector within the blockchain industry, joins forces with PARAMETA, a leading provider of blockchain software solutions based in Korea, to announce their strategic partnership.

UFI, recognized for its diverse product portfolio encompassing B2B liquidity provision, the innovative GROW app for crypto reward-earning, and advanced quantitative trading and research, has garnered a global presence with its GROW app operating in over 150 countries since 2021. PARAMETA, on the other hand, stands as a web3-enabler, offering a suite of core blockchain products ranging from wallets to NFTs and Layer 1 blockchain solutions.

This collaboration between UFI and PARAMETA heralds a new era of collaboration aimed at pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. By combining their resources and expertise, both entities are poised to develop cutting-edge products and services that bridge the gap between traditional assets and the blockchain realm.

PARAMETA, renowned for its technical prowess, will spearhead the development of tailored software solutions catering to asset tokenization use cases. Leveraging its extensive experience in product management and global customer acquisition strategies, UFI is committed to ensuring the success and widespread adoption of these transformative solutions on a global scale.

Sean Kim, CEO of UFI, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled about the collaboration with PARAMETA. Together, we are well-positioned to create innovative products and services that will revolutionize the interaction with real-world assets. Bringing assets onto the blockchain offers numerous benefits, and we’re just scratching the surface.”

JH Kim, CEO of PARAMETA, echoes this sentiment, saying, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to push the boundaries of blockchain technology. We are excited to collaborate closely with UFI’s team to deliver game-changing products that can impact users worldwide.”

About UFI:

Based in Singapore, UFI operates within the crypto and fintech sectors, leveraging its expertise in quantitative trading and blockchain development. Its flagship platform, GROW, offers high reward rates for clients to securely grow their crypto assets. For more information, visit www.ufi.group or www.grow3.io.


PARAMETA, headquartered in Seoul, is a leading developer of blockchain IT solutions, focusing on enhancing everyday life through transparent and trustworthy technologies for businesses and institutions. Visit https://www.parametacorp.com/en/ for additional details.

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