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I have always had a desire to be a voice for other as I always use to be that gal that always spoke up when I felt something was not fair or just for others. The past 3 years have humbled me and it also slienced me. I began to withdrawl and give up. I lost my voice and became someone I myself no longer knew. Stuck in a research and stay quiet stage I was taken to a place no one should ever feel. Scared and alone and giving up. I would like to take the hard lessons I have learned and turn them into a blessing for other woman and children world wide. I would like to be that strong woman I have always been and start speaking up on the things that really matter. Mental Health, Child Trafficking, and being that direction others can lean towards on matters like court hearings and how to find your way around those meant to harm you. Anotherwards, every hard time I have been through I have researched ways to share with others how to grab your voice again, stand up to wrong doings and say No More. I may not accomplish winning back what I have lost however my voice and my compassion towards others like me will keep me fighting until the end. Help me start up a program that cares about those who feel no one does. Everyone at some point has felt helpless or alone lets stand together so no one else is left alone for years to juggle and figure out the systems alone anymore. I care about fresh drinking water. I care about children with special needs. I care about the lack of mental health services for youth. I care about others and I know others like me do to.

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