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Walmart and McDonald’s are trying to Give College Credit for Simultaneously Working and Studying

Many students are managing their studies and work at the same time. Companies like Walmart and McDonald’s are convincing colleges to give credit for work skills.

Washington, D.C, District of Columbia Jul 9, 2024 ( – The largest retail company, Walmart has stopped recruiting college students for corporate jobs. They have given a few true reasons why they are not recruiting any more students for their job. Most of the college students work simultaneously for the expensive course fees. A lot of students cannot pursue a college degree for its charges. That is why, there are tendencies of students to work in different companies while studying. And Walmart has said that many people are working in their company without any degree. Now they are trying to change the scenario and are willing to employ only those who have a college degree.

Right now big companies like McDonald’s and Walmart are willing to propose new frontiers for college students. They are trying to convince the colleges to give credit to the students for working in the retail and fast-food industry. While counting to their degree, the colleges should add what the students have learned working in these industries. By working in such industries, students definitely adapt more skills. However, they cannot use that skills and experience in their resume.

Degrees are not the only thing that qualifies the students but it is the skills that make them proficient. Currently, educators and companies are trying to make the initial decision on how much credit will go to a student according to their work skills. From a recent case of Bonnie Boop, it is coming to know that she returned to college in her 40s. She has done that with Walmart’s tuition assistance. Previously, she has gotten two associate degrees, but now she wants to complete her education.

Bonnie Boop has said ‘Bachelor’s degrees tend to open more doors’. She also said that she continued for ‘the principle of it all’. Now she is resuming her studies to get college credit with her corporate certificates and training. This initiative would be immensely helpful for the students who are working in such companies.

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