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First and foremost we would like to thank each and everyone of you who is reading this post.This is a Father daughter teaming up to help those devotees devoted to Dharma in Bhutan.Buddhism is all about giving and helping others and the sentient beings.


Not knowing our future ahead, we do so many things in life trying to earn money and status.We do not know when our life will come to an end but still we struggle and fight to earn our goal day and night.We neither live the present nor the future.What we are today is what we have been in your past life What would be in future is all what we do in this present life.

A drop of water you add in the ocean will dry only when the cosmos dries.Let’s all get prepared from now onwards for a better future tomorrow.

We have been practicing dharma for many years. It is not easy but still there are ways we can achieve the goal. There are direct and indirect ways of performing the dharma to gain the goal.Those who can devote their time, wealth and life is above all the most superior path. Those who cannot, can also attend the same achievement by helping the needy and the weak ones.

We practice and perform so many pujas for the welfare of the sentient beings and for the world peace. There are many holy places and shrines that needs renovations and protections. The holy places being in the hills and mountains require proper foot path for the visitors/followers who visit the places. Lack of proper sanitation and water supply make the visitors incontinent especially the outsiders (foreign devotees/visitors).

We  being one of the dharma followers, would like to renovate the shrines, make proper foot path and provide clean and safe drinking water for the remote temples and meditation shrines. Provide basic food for the monks and gomchens undergoing meditation in the caves and huts. Offer tshok (offerings) on auspicious days.We help the practitioners by buying and giving them the items required for their daily practicing of dharma like scripts,  drum (Dradu), bell (Drilbu) and anything else necessary.

Do something now by donating little like the drop of water in the ocean. Your small amount of donation will be of great help to those who are devoted to the dharma for the sentient beings. You will be equally blessed for this noble deed. You will see the change and feel the satisfaction in your life by doing this noble deed. Any amount will be of great help to the needy ones here devoted to the dharma.Please consider making a donation to assist us in carrying out our mission of helping individuals live a spiritual life in alignment with Buddhist principles.

Let’s join hands, think deeply and do something for others before we depart from this universe. Let’s remember the word “IMPERMANENCE”.

Your little noble act will be rewarded in your next life.

ps we will update with pictures and videos

Thank you
Best wishes
Karma & Tshering


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