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Hi all,

I just recently wrapped up my Bachelor’s Degree and have just been accepted to American University of Antigua (AUA) for Spring 2018.

Medical school as you can assume is very expensive and any help I can get I would genuinely appreciate. I am halfway through a life goal I set forth to achieve and this is the most financially difficult portion.

A little about me and what I plan on doing in my future is that I am a member of:
ASU pre-health society
Phi Kappa Tau Men’s Fraternity (former VP)
ASU member society honor society

I plan on getting an MD and either specializing in Anesthesia or trauma care.
I will use my role as a doctor to become a leader in my community, and ultimately start up a 501c3 organization that provides funding to those students in pre-health majors in poverty struck communities or those struggling with family financial issues. My goal is to one day allow everyone with the potential to be able to be given a shot to become a future medical professional in an ever progressing medical community.

I am also taking serious suggestions for the name of this charity organization in which I am hoping I can get up running with the completion of my residency.

If you can please share this, retweet it, and spread this around social media it would be of great help.

Thank you for believing in me,

Eric M Gehres Jr

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