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Austlinx is helping companies in Europe engage and connect with a global investor base

Austlinx is working with companies from Canada, Australia and the United States to assist dual list on Frankfurt Stock Exchange and increase global investor base. The European investor contains around 40 million equity investors.

Frankfurt, Hessen Jun 24, 2024 ( – Austlinx works with companies with a home exchange on NASDAQ, TSX, CSE, AIM, LSE and ASX to assist dual list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and engage and connect with EU investors and stakeholders.

Liquidity and volumes are down on most global exchanges from previous years highs. In times of high inflation and interest rates, retail investors tend to hold cash and wait. Companies are struggling to build liquidity, awareness, and long-term retail investors.

Austlinx considers in the global era, companies need to engage with as many investors in multiple countries – not just investors on home exchange.

A global investor base de-risks geographical risk as the investor base broadens.

In Europe, the most effective way for listed global corporates to engage and connect with German and EU investors is through a dual listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This is a simple and in-expensive process which provides access to a vast retail investor network. The customers on Trade Republic – the major EU neo-broker total more than two million active users.

The great benefit of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange quotation board listing is it is quick, efficient and has once completed there are no ongoing regulatory or compliance obligations.

Australian companies such as Droneshield Ltd (ASX: DRO) see huge engagement and trading on German exchanges with monthly volumes often over 10 million shares alone.

 The great benefit of this for companies is there is a broadening of the investor base with shareholders actively engaged from countries such as Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands, and Spain.

German and European investors also tend to hold longer and can be enthusiastic investors. The global companies that are of interest to EU investors are in areas of critical raw materials, biotech, MedTech, clean energy, resources, uranium, technology and green metals.

List local and connect globally today.

Source :Austlinx

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