The Botanist Watch: World’s only Moss & Flower Infused Watch GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign


The Botanist Watch a—first of it’s kind— is part of a meticulously-designed unisex timepiece collection showcasing real plant and flower material encased in hand-poured resin. This process creates one-of-a-kind vignettes, imploring admirers & wearers to reconnect with nature, and nature’s ability to subconsciously improve the quality of one’s life.

In response to recent scientific studies and their subsequent findings, indicating that being close to plants & flowers improves mental health and physical well-being, Analog created The Botanist Collection. If keeping nature close can improve one’s overall life satisfaction, creating a watch using thoughtfully placed plant and flower materials would act as reminder to get back into nature, and thus, act as an impetus in improving ones life.

From day one, Analog Watch Co.’s founder and lead designer, Lorenzo Buffa, has been committed to differentiating the brand from within the category by creating bespoke timepieces that focus on natural materials, clean lines, design innovation, and the use of nature in its purest forms. With attention to detail, & merging of design & creativity, Analog has solidified itself as a creative powerhouse – validated by the 60+ major museum stores who carry Analog products. The list includes the Guggenheim, MoMA, The Getty, National Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Smithsonian, to name a few.

Analog is no stranger to crowd funding and has successfully raised over $200k in previous campaigns. This particular collection comes in eighteen limited variations, with fully & easily interchangeable straps to suit most anyone’s personal style.

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