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My name is Maher Ahmed and I am a 22 year old Videographer and Photographer.

My purpose for this gofundme account is to raise enough money to help fund my upcoming reality show project.

I’ve always been fascinated by the art of reality tv and saw myself critiquing particular shows while I was watching them, thinking what I could have done differently if I were to have my own show. I believe that I have the willpower and skills to create my own show and possibly get it picked up my major television networks, but I would need some extra help..YOUR HELP.

I have an amazing team to work with on this project when it comes to camera men, executive producers, casting directors, etc, and all we would need to make this project work is the right amount of funds.

My project is called Breaking Point, and it is a concept for a show that I created. What I will be looking for when casting for Breaking Point are individuals over the age of 21 that have been throughtraumaticc, life changing experiences, family issues, or just someone that doesn’t let anybody into their lives because of a bad prior relationship or friendship. These cast members will live together in a house and will have to learn to break down their walls and come face to face with their inner demons in order to change for the better.

The funds raised for this project will be put towards the cost of the house that thecast mates will be living in for two weeks, equipment for the production crew such as cameras and microphones (which we will rent, NOT buy), food, and entertainment for thecast mates.

This project could be the jump start to the beginning of my career for me. If my team and I pull this off correctly with your help, I promise you that you will see a show unlike any other on your big screens sooner than you would think.

I want to thank everyone and anyone that donates for your help. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Support this campaign today at

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