BreakingPoint Adds Windows Live Messenger Protocol to Expanding List of Real Application Traffic Critical for Authentic Network Equipment Testing


BreakingPoint Systems

2008-08-20 08:00:00

BreakingPoint Adds Windows Live Messenger Protocol to Expanding List of Real Application Traffic Critical for Authentic Network Equipment Testing

BreakingPoint Support of AIM, IRC, Jabber, Windows Live and Yahoo! Enables NEMS and Service Providers to Validate and Tune the Performance of Network Devices Using Realistic and Peak Traffic Conditions

AUSTIN, TX–(EMWNews – August 20, 2008) – BreakingPoint Systems, Inc., today announced

expanded support of leading instant messaging (IM) applications including

Windows Live Messenger, formerly MSN Messenger. Market research firm

Radicati Group estimates the worldwide number of IM accounts at 1.06

billion in 2007 and growing to close to 1.7 billion by 2011

( IM continues to be

a critical service for recreational and business communication, bringing

the consequential strain on network performance and network security.

Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and service providers can accelerate

the development of network devices by testing with a mix of real

application traffic, including IM protocols, live security strikes, and

speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.

Dennis Cox, BreakingPoint CTO, commented:

“Windows Live Messenger accounts for roughly 60% of all instant messaging

traffic; if you aren’t testing your network devices with this application

protocol you’re not truly testing. The same thing applies to other IM

protocols and other application traffic such as email and peer-to-peer. A

network equipment testing platform must allow you to test devices with

actual traffic, live strikes and at 10 gigabits per second speeds. If your

testing platform can’t provide those capabilities you are blind to the

actual performance and security capabilities of your network devices.”

BreakingPoint’s testing platform creates a realistic network environment by

combining an authentic blend of traditional, voice, video, text and

proprietary application traffic with live security strikes, at speeds of 10

gigabits per second. The inclusion of a library of more than 55

application protocols, including Windows Live Messenger, places

BreakingPoint products in a unique position to reduce the time and costs

associated with testing and tuning the performance and security of the

world’s network devices.

About BreakingPoint

BreakingPoint is the only company exclusively focused on application,

performance, and security testing for content-aware devices. By delivering

the industry’s most accurate, fast, responsive and easy-to-use testing

tools, BreakingPoint helps network equipment manufacturers, services

providers, and other organizations accelerate the development of high

performance content-aware networks and network devices. BreakingPoint was

founded in 2005 by engineers with deep experience developing high speed

networking devices at companies such as NetWorth, NetSpeed, Cisco,

TippingPoint, and 3Com. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with

offices and customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France,

and China. For more information, visit

For Information Contact:
Kyle Flaherty
BreakingPoint Systems
(512) 821-6059

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