Carbon Neutral Alliance Focusing on Practical Carbon Reduction Actions, Strengthening Digital Technology Innovation, and Embracing the Role of “Green Investment Leaders”

Carbon Neutral Alliance: Focusing on Practical Carbon Reduction Actions, Strengthening Digital Technology Innovation, and Embracing the Role of “Green Investment Leaders”

Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is not only an essential requirement for comprehensively advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through modernization with Chinese characteristics but also an active embodiment of the value concept of a shared future for humanity.


The 2024 Government Work Report by the State Council emphasizes advancing green and low-carbon development, highlighting the need for scientific and rational foresight in ecological governance at the ecological resource level, including protective planning and practices. At the socio-economic level, it is necessary to further refine fiscal, financial, investment, and pricing policies that support green development, along with related market mechanisms, to foster the research, development, and application of advanced energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies, and to accelerate the formation of green, low-carbon supply chains. In the careful advancement of carbon neutrality and the carbon peaking process, it is essential to further solidify the implementation of the ten major actions for achieving carbon peaking.


In alignment with the era’s main theme of high-quality modernization, the Carbon Neutral Alliance firmly grasps the primary task of low-carbon green development. Focusing on areas such as ecological protection, green technological innovation, energy saving and carbon reduction, corporate green investment, and the development of information and digital technologies, the Alliance leverages its comprehensive and abundant resources to expand the platform’s development momentum. It deeply and thoroughly advances work practices in various fields, concentrating on practical carbon reduction actions and strengthening the application of digital technology innovations. By embracing the role of “Green Investment Leaders,” the Alliance continuously contributes effective experiences and social value towards the nation’s achievement of its dual carbon goals.


Focusing on Practical Carbon Reduction Actions, Unlocking Sustainable “Zero Carbon” Social Value


The “Action Plan for Carbon Peaking Before 2030” issued by the State Council proposes integrating carbon peaking throughout the entire process and all aspects of economic and social development. It focuses on implementing “Ten Major Actions for Carbon Peaking,” covering areas such as the energy sector, industrial sector, urban and rural construction, transportation, circular economy, green technological innovation, carbon sink enhancement, and promoting low-carbon practices among all citizens.


The Carbon Neutral Alliance widely consolidates social consensus, focuses on practical carbon reduction actions, enhances the low-carbon development capabilities of cooperating enterprises, promotes green and low-carbon lifestyles to the entire society, and unlocks sustainable “Zero Carbon” social value:


In the field of energy infrastructure, the Zero Carbon platform invests in numerous large-scale wind and photovoltaic base construction projects. This stimulates collaborative cooperation among enterprises, governments, and diverse investors, encourages the increased development and application of green technologies, and drives the overall project towards high-end, intelligent, and green development. This provides strong support for the realization of “Zero Carbon” social value.


In terms of promoting low-carbon awareness and practices among all citizens, the Zero Carbon platform actively organizes its members and friends to engage in green travel activities. These include low-carbon green commuting, walking, community service trash collection, and tree planting initiatives. Starting from a foundation of green environmental protection and acting from the minutest aspects of social life and production, these activities practice carbon reduction in a tangible way. Through widespread promotion across the platform, they aim to further expand public influence and unleash social craft value.



Strengthening the Application of Digital Technology Innovation, Efficiently Linking Resources to Support Enterprise Development Needs


Under the goal of carbon neutrality, China’s green finance has gradually advanced, forming a new development pattern characterized by a major domestic cycle and the mutual promotion of both domestic and international cycles. Technology plays a crucial role in the advancement of green finance, with the application of digital technology innovation opening up broader development opportunities for China’s green finance.


In terms of digital technology innovation and application, the Carbon Neutral Alliance, leveraging its green resources, has established the “Zero Carbon Fund” and developed numerous green financial products for rural revitalization, urban construction, and green transformation of enterprises:


In the field of rural revitalization, the Carbon Neutral Alliance provides financing channels for rural green industries, supports circular agricultural demonstration towns and villages in reducing carbon emissions, offers effective pathways for green finance to support rural revitalization, and lays the foundation for promoting the new development pattern of “a major domestic cycle as the main body, supported by the dual circulation of both domestic and international economies.”


In the field of corporate green transformation and development, the Carbon Neutral Alliance efficiently links financial resources, government resources, and industry resources to meet the development needs of cooperating enterprises, providing them with green technology support, opportunities for green industry development, and financial assistance. Specifically:

Through specialized green technology support, the alliance assists enterprises in optimizing digital development, building databases for production, development, and business operations, thereby laying a digital foundation for enterprises’ green and low-carbon transformation and development.
By leveraging the financial service features of the “Zero Carbon Fund,” it establishes a cross-industry and cross-regional platform for sharing green resources among enterprises. This initiative helps integrate green resources, enhance corporate green productivity, and simultaneously promotes the platform’s capacity to provide green financial services, showcasing the development advantages of green finance.
By connecting financial support, policy support, and industry resources, the alliance brings low-cost financial services and diversified cooperation opportunities to enterprises, facilitating a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Actively participate in high-quality green and low-carbon supply chain initiatives, embodying the role of “Green Investment Leaders.”


The “Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of a Product Carbon Footprint Management System” released by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments in November 2023 point out that accelerating the improvement of carbon footprint management levels for China’s key products is an important approach to promote green and low-carbon transformation in related industries and achieve the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The document specifically outlines five key tasks: developing standards for product carbon footprint accounting, strengthening the construction of a carbon footprint background database, establishing a product carbon labeling and certification system, enriching the application scenarios for product carbon footprints, and promoting the international alignment and mutual recognition of carbon footprints.


Following the release of this document, some economically developed regions have deeply implemented actions to create green and low-carbon supply chains. For example, on March 26, the Shanghai Municipal Government released the “Action Plan for Shanghai to Accelerate the Establishment of a Product Carbon Footprint Management System and Create a Green and Low-Carbon Supply Chain.” The main contents include four aspects and 20 specific tasks: high-level construction of a product carbon footprint management system, multi-dimensional enrichment of product carbon footprint application scenarios, comprehensive promotion of green and low-carbon transformation in key supply chain links, and safeguard measures.


The Carbon Neutral Alliance platform has always been committed to practicing ESG principles and actively fostering a diverse group of green investors, embodying the mission of being “Green Investment Leaders.” By building and nurturing a network of green investors, the Alliance encourages various funds to participate in the green industry, expands the scope of green industrial investments, and increases the influence of green investments. It also provides digital technology support to partners, fully leveraging the advantages of emerging technologies such as the internet, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain, to offer technical support for investment decision-making, post-investment management, transaction pricing, and information disclosure. Through the Carbon Neutral Alliance’s proprietary app, it aggregates resources from various sectors, connecting global enterprises committed to carbon neutrality, financial institutions, and large capital, bringing considerable information and financial resources to participating companies and individual investors, and helping over 100,000 people achieve financial growth.


In the context of carbon-neutral development, the Carbon Neutral Alliance believes that to effectively promote platform development and bring better investment prospects to cooperating enterprises and green investors, it is essential to further expand the platform’s development channels and align with policy trends.


Based on this, the Carbon Neutral Alliance will promptly adjust its development strategy to focus on developing green and low-carbon supply chain-related businesses in the Yangtze River Delta region. It aims to build good strategic cooperative relationships with relevant industries and government departments to contribute to the high-quality construction of green supply chains and improve carbon footprint management levels. This effort is expected to bring stronger investment value returns to a broad base of green investors. Using the Carbon Neutral Alliance APP as an important information service platform, it will offer more comprehensive carbon neutrality strategic information, carbon neutrality technology, and carbon neutrality fund services to help more individuals achieve their wealth objectives and alleviate financing pressures for enterprises.



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