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Changelly Unveils Integration of USDt on TON in Landmark Cryptocurrency Announcement

HONG KONG – 26/04/2024 – (EMWNews) – In a groundbreaking announcement today, Changelly, a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency exchange arena, unveils its latest integration: listing USDt on TON, a newly minted stablecoin resulting from a strategic partnership between Tether and The Open Network. To mark this occasion, Changelly extends an invitation to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and users to engage in the Probably Serious Quiz, offering an enticing incentive of 0% fees for converting any cryptocurrency to USDt on TON and Toncoin on the Changelly platform.

Pioneering the adoption of USDt on TON, Changelly positions itself at the forefront of facilitating seamless exchanges for the Tether stablecoin, which serves as a catalyst for frictionless peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions within Telegram Messenger’s extensive user base exceeding 900 million individuals. With the TON-based Wallet on Telegram, users gain access to instant, feeless transfers of USDt, transcending geographical boundaries and delivering unparalleled convenience on a global scale.

The Probably Serious Quiz promises an engaging voyage through the annals of stablecoin history and The Open Network’s evolution. Participants are rewarded with a waiver of service fees for USDt on TON and Toncoin swaps on the Changelly platform. This initiative not only aims to streamline access to the newly introduced stablecoin but also contributes to fostering the growth of the TON ecosystem. The campaign period spans from April 23 to May 7, 2024.

Jake Cormack, CEO of Changelly, commends TON’s alignment with the vision set forth by Bitcoin progenitor Satoshi Nakamoto. He lauds TON’s commitment to establishing a truly decentralized Web3 ecosystem and blockchain community, expressing optimism about the transformative potential of the USDt launch. Cormack believes that this milestone will revolutionize the adoption and utility of stablecoins, paving the way for their integration into the daily lives of a vast global audience.

The launch of this campaign follows Changelly’s recent integration into Tonkeeper, a leading crypto wallet within the TON ecosystem, and marks a significant milestone for the platform, which now boasts over 7 million registered users worldwide.

About Changelly

Changelly is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform catering to a user base exceeding 7 million individuals worldwide. Established in 2015 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Changelly offers secure and expeditious crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto exchanges across a vast array of trading pairs, complemented by round-the-clock customer support. Serving as a CeDeFi ecosystem, Changelly empowers its B2B partners with an instant exchange API, a platform for listing, and a DEX aggregator for decentralized swaps.

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