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Changsha – the “Star City” Shines in Singapore – the “Lion City”: Trip.com Empowers Changsha Cultural Tourism Presence Globally

On October 24, 2023, the 2023 Trip.com Group Global Partner Summit wrapped up in Singapore. This year’s summit consisted of a main forum, four sub-forums, an award ceremony, a welcome banquet, and a site visit. Centered around new industry trends, target audience, market opportunities, and ecosystems in the global tourism industry amidst a vigorous recovery, the event sparked conversations and shared insights among global partners. Together, they delved into innovative strategies for the development of the global tourism industry and jointly embraced its exciting future.

As a hot tourist destination in China in recent years, Changsha was honored at the Trip.com awards ceremony with the “Most Popular Destination of the Year” and “Top Ten Food Destinations in China”. In the main venue’s exhibition area, Changsha cultural tourism brands captivated global tourism partners through a variety of compelling experiences, showcasing its unique offerings.

Cultural Tourism of “Star City” Heads to “Lion City”

Leveraging the Summit to Propel Changsha Cultural Tourism onto the Global Stage

The main venue of the market parallel sessions also featured numerous Changsha cultural tourism elements: a promotional video of Changsha cultural tourism played on the venue’s TV screen, and a dedicated photo wall showing Changsha cultural tourism and an Instagram photo frame themed on Changsha outside the main venue. As one of the five highlights of Hunan cultural tourism, “Urban Leisure”, represented by Changsha, was also prominently showcased during the Hunan cultural tourism presentation session. Drawing on the summit stage, the dazzling graphics, lively promotional videos, and informative presentations showcased the charm of the splendid “Star City” and the beautiful achievements of Changsha cultural tourism innovation and development in recent years to the participants.

Brilliant presentation by Li Aiwu, Director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

In addition, Changsha tourism brochures were placed at the Trip.com booth of the main venue, extending a warm invitation and detailed introduction to those interested in Changsha tourism from around the world. Everyone is welcome to visit Changsha to explore and illuminate its vast array of tourism resources and discover and experience its diverse, creative charm.

Instagram photo frame themed on Changsha

Joyful Changsha Reaps Rewards

A New Image of a Cultural Tourism City Based on Solid Foundations

At the summit, Changsha attracted global attention with its innovative creativity and vibrant cultural tourism scene. By showcasing Changsha cultural tourism elements, expanding its reputation, and demonstrating its achievements, the city is driven toward the world stage, revitalizing its thousand-year-old cultural heritage.

Two awards honored to Changsha

At the Trip.com Recommended List Awards Ceremony held on the evening of October 24, Changsha won the “Most Popular Destination of the Year” and “Top Ten Food Destinations in China” thanks to its outstanding comprehensive strengths. The city boasts picturesque landscapes, a rich history of Hunan culture, a spirit of revolutionary heritage, and a bustling urban atmosphere. In recent years, under the slogan “Joyful Changsha, Charming Star City”, the city has made efforts to enhance its development momentum, create a distinctive tourism brand, and continuously improve its domestic and international recognition. Changsha has evolved from an Internet sensation to a sustained hot destination, attracting a growing fan base with its cultural tourism strengths.

Win-Win Cooperation with Trip.com

Showcasing Outstanding Achievements in the Integration of Culture and Tourism

Changsha Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television also won the “Strategic Partner of the Year” for 2023 at the awards ceremony. In recent years, Trip.com Group and Changsha have maintained close cooperation, focusing on brand marketing, cultural tourism subsidies, and business innovation. A range of initiatives such as the operation and maintenance of the official cultural tourism Star Hub “Joyful Changsha, Charming Star City”, distributing tourism vouchers, and the 2023 Changsha Cultural Tourism Leisure Festival are being implemented through government-enterprise collaboration to provide real benefits and promote development. These efforts aim to accelerate the revitalization of Changsha tourism industry and steadily boost its recovery, promoting Changsha’s long-term popularity.

Moving forward, Trip.com strengthen its alliance with Changsha, tapping into the city’s rich resources and unleashing the immense potential of its cultural tourism consumption sector. Their joint efforts will propel Changsha tourism landscape to new heights, positioning Changsha as a global leading destination that meets the highest international benchmarks.

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