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Hello to all of you:) My name is Christopher and this is my husband Stephen, for those of you who do not know us, it is a pleasure to meet you; hello and we love you, to all of our friends and family. Now that we have had the pleasure of meeting and reconnecting with all of you, here’s a little bit about us. We have been together for 16 years and married now for 4 of those years. It was love at first site and we have been by each other’s side every day since then. Stephen and I have a son Christopher. Christopher is Stephen’s son from a previous relationship and just a beautiful young man. I met Christopher when he was 13 years old (he calls me mom and I LOVE IT; LOVE HIM). I am an Executive in the Behavioral Health Field and Stephen is a stay at home husband taking care of the house and me (and I LOVE THAT; man I haven’t done laundry in 16 years. However, I guess that is going to change with the baby coming, I am going to need to learn how to do laundry again:). Stephen and I have SO MUCH LOVE for each other and SO MUCH LOVE to share with a baby; to share with our new member of our family. This is where we need your help in growing our family. Expanding our family has not only been a desire for many years for Stephen and me, but for me personally, this has been a dream and desire of mine, to have a baby of my own, to be a dad, to nurture and love, since as far back as I can remember. Yes, okay it’s true. When I was a kid growing up I would steal my sister’s baby dolls and pretend they were my babies, loving them and make believing I was their dad and caring for them. I know, haha and LOL, but it was true. So now that I have embarrassed myself enough, let’s move forward. Stephen and I are and have been excited to expand our family for quite some time now and that time has now come to us. We have now been blessed with this opportunity. The money will be used for the in vitro fertilization process, genetic testing, prenatal care, and child birth (labor/delivery package). We need to have approximately half the money to begin the in vitro fertilization process by June 2016 and the full amount by November 2016. Stephen and I a few years ago tried to begin this process and unfortunately the opportunity passed us by; but we never gave up HOPE. Help make this opportunity to grow our family and help bring our baby home. Our baby means so much to us and you can help this dream come true. Our days and nights are consumed with dreaming about the baby, baby names, all the playful times we will have and all the times we will be there to help our child be strong & stand tall through all bumps in the road. Stephen and are very blessed and honored that you have decided to help our dreams come true and bring our baby home to us, where we can continue to love and nurture our baby.

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