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Cold Jet Supplies Integrated Dry Ice Production and Blast Cleaning Systems for Hanford Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant


Cold Jet, LLC

2008-08-13 09:51:00

Cold Jet Supplies Integrated Dry Ice Production and Blast Cleaning Systems for Hanford Nuclear Waste Treatment Plant

Cold Jet Delivers Integrated Systems to Support Effort to Clean Up and Treat Toxic Radioactive Waste Along the Columbia River Valley in Washington State

CINCINNATI, OH–(EMWNews – August 13, 2008) – Cold Jet, the world’s

leading manufacturer of dry ice blasting and production solutions, has

been selected to provide two customized integrated dry ice

blasting and production systems for the Hanford Nuclear Waste Treatment

Plant in Hanford, Washington. Cold Jet was contracted by Wagstaff Applied

Technologies, a subcontractor to Bechtel National, Inc. Bechtel is

designing, constructing and commissioning the waste treatment plant to

dispose of the world’s largest concentration of radioactive waste, leftover

from U.S. weapons production efforts during the Cold War era.

The waste will be vitrified by blending it with molten glass and placing it

in stainless steel canisters to ensure hundreds to thousands of years of

stable and impermeable storage. Cold Jet’s integrated blasting and

pelletizer systems will be part of an automatic weld inspection system

installed in the sites Low Activity Waste Facility. The CO2

pelletizer will automatically feed the blasting

systems, which will clean the welds made to fasten the end caps of the

steel canisters so that the welds can be inspected for leaks. The waste

treatment facility and Cold Jet’s equipment are expected to be operational

for 40 years.

“This project represents the epitome of a ‘green’

application for Cold Jet,” said Gene Cooke, CEO of Cold Jet. “We have

under taken years of research and development to meet the stringent

standards and requirements that were defined in the original request for

this project. The fact that we were selected demonstrates the confidence

that our

partners have in our technology to support the largest waste clean-up

project in our nation’s history for many years to come. We are proud to be

a part of this project, which will help to contain the waste and prevent

further contamination of the groundwater that threatens the Columbia River

and the people downstream.”

Cold Jet’s dry ice production equipment has been engineered to produce the

highest density extruded dry ice available, which results in longer shelf

life, better transportability, and better blasting aggression. For more

than 20 years, the company’s dry ice blast cleaning systems have proven to

provide consistent performance and durability. The dry ice blast cleaning

involves accelerating dry ice pellets at supersonic speeds using compressed

air. Once the dry ice pellets hit the surface being cleaned, they sublimate

without creating secondary waste. The environmentally responsible process

is non-toxic, non-abrasive, and non-conductive.

“One of our strengths is the ability to develop custom solutions that allow

organizations to take advantage of the benefits of dry ice blasting,” added

Cooke. “The fact that our solution is part of the world’s largest nuclear

clean-up project is a testament to the technology and the people behind the

innovation. It should also assure our customers and contractors that they

are doing business with the right company and using the right solution for

their own cleaning challenges.”

Hanford was home to nine reactors during the Cold War era with a mission to

produce plutonium for new atomic weapons. While plutonium production

stopped many years ago, the site is now home to more than 53 million

gallons of radioactive and chemical waste stored underground in 177

underground tanks, which were only designed to last for 20 years.

About Cold Jet

Cold Jet, LLC is the world’s leading manufacturer of dry ice blasting and

production solutions. For more than two decades, Cold Jet has been

developing innovative cleaning solutions from fully automated systems and

handheld devices to high-volume dry ice

production equipment and customized

engineered solutions that solve a variety of cleaning challenges around

the world. Cold Jet offers the largest selection of environmentally

responsible dry ice blasting machines, including the award-winning Aero

Series and the i3 family of systems, which features the company’s patented

shaved ice and feeder technologies. The company’s CO2

Pelletizers are used by every major gas company worldwide to produce

the highest density extruded dry ice available. Cold Jet is a private

company with headquarters in Loveland, Ohio and international operations in

Belgium, Canada, China, Germany and Mexico. Visit

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