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Hello, my name is Rhonda. I’m a married/single mother going through a bad divorce. I was already struggling due to the divorce, and now, Monday, October 09, 2017, I was in a accident. My car was completely totaled out. My jobs laid me off until my doctor releases me to go back to work, but i can’t go back until I complete physical therapy. I really need transportation to get my kids to and from school, and to get to all my appointments. Additionally, I have to have physical therapy due to the accident. I really need help getting a car. I have classes. that i do online as well, but I have to go to the library to do all my work. I’m going to school to get my bachelor’s as a health care Chaplain. Lord knows it seems if its not one thing its another. It really will be a blessing if you guys could help my kids and I out. My kids and I have no other help and nowhere else to turn to, so we were told by a church friend to make a go fund me account for help. And please pray for us as well ,even if you can’t help your prayers are greatly appreciated as well. Pray about it first. Lord knows you will not regret it. God bless you all, in Jesus Name.

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