DNC: National Exxon-McCain Day of Action to Highlight Exxon John’s Ties to Big Oil

2008-08-11 13:21:00

DNC: National Exxon-McCain Day of Action to Highlight Exxon John’s Ties to Big Oil

    Activists to Host Events in As Many As 18 States This Week

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 11 /EMWNews/ -- Activists across the

country will take part in a National Day of Action to protest the

Exxon-McCain '08 campaign on Tuesday, August 12. Tomorrow's events are the

cornerstone of a week of grassroots activism in as many as 18 states aimed

at highlighting Exxon John's promise of four more years of gimmicks and

giveaways that line Big Oil's pockets but do nothing to help Americans deal

with skyrocketing energy costs.


    From Maine to Montana, New Mexico to New Jersey, Exxon-McCain '08

events will highlight John McCain's promise of $4 billion in new giveaways

for oil companies already enjoying record profits and a gas tax gimmick

that will line their pockets even more. Activists will highlight Exxon

John's opposition to Senator Obama's plan to give middle class families an

energy tax credit paid for with a windfalls profits tax, his pattern of

voting against incentives for alternatives to oil, and his history of

opposing efforts to increase fuel efficiency standards for automobiles.

Activists will outline the impact of McCain's promise of more of the same

on our nation's economy and on the economic security of working families in

their communities.

    "Tomorrow's National Day of Action is the cornerstone of an historic

week for the Exxon-McCain '08 campaign," said Exxon-McCain '08 spokesman

Damien LaVera. "Activists across the country are gathering to tell people

in their own communities what the Exxon-McCain '08 campaign has in store

for them. With Exxon John promising more handouts for Big Oil at the

expense of working families struggling to pay skyrocketing energy costs,

the choice in this election is clear. If you want more of the same

skyrocketing energy costs and giveaways for Big Oil, vote Exxon-McCain

'08." Among the states holding Exxon-McCain '08 events this week are New

Jersey, Indiana, Maine, Washington State, California, Montana, Idaho,

Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Ohio, and others.

    For more information on Exxon-McCain '08, visit our campaign website at


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