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Time portals like that used by Dr. Who exist as future-tech in our imaginations in fictional worlds within movie plots.

Why not adapt the same creative idea to financial market where supporting technology does exist is the question. Doing so would make it real and create a flexible alternative response to fast changing unpredictable market conditions.

Built on expansive complex computer code, a soft time-portal now exists which can time-jump forward by select-able distance – hour, day, week, month , and discover when-at what price the safest most rewarding gains will be presented in any financial vehicle (stocks, bonds, futures, etf’s).

Discovering this information in advance changes everything.

– It creates a persistent edge in any market

– It creates a shift from knee-jerk reactions to calm anticipation

– It means earning the best return with the least amount of risk

– It calms the investing process, discourages expensive mistakes

I’m a customer-driven person, who focused on crafting a great service from an idea, with genuine feeling of wanting to help people in need reach their financial goals.


Your support is needed now. Funds will be used to grow the business, including hiring a part-time programmer, and an assistant to help prepare trade alerts, support customers, and maintain social media.

Your kind support matters greatly, thank you.

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