Emergent’s Gamebryo Game Engine to Incorporate NVIDIA PhysX Technology

2008-08-19 08:00:00

  NVIDIA and Emergent Game Technologies Plan a Technology Union That Will

             Drive an Explosion of Immersive Gaming Development

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 19 /EMWNews/ -- NVIDIA

Corporation and Emergent Game Technologies have expanded their relationship

resulting in NVIDIA PhysX(TM) technology being directly integrated into all

upcoming versions of the Emergent Gamebryo(TM) game development platform.

The union of PhysX technology and Gamebryo will give developers the power

to push gaming to new levels of interactivity on all platforms and make

world-class technology more accessible to the development community.



    The next release of Emergent's Gamebryo, scheduled for this fall, will

ship with the NVIDIA PhysX engine directly integrated into the platform,

representing a significant step in Emergent's goal of transforming the

Gamebryo engine into a single, integrated framework of game production

software and design tools that developers can use to create any type of

title on any platform. As a result, developers will be able to accelerate

development cycles and spend more time making their games more lifelike

with dynamic, real-time environments.

    Gamebryo has been fully optimized for development on Playstation 3,

Xbox 360, PC and Wii, and was recently selected as the development platform

for the next-generation console titles Civilization Revolution by Firaxis

and Splatterhouse by BottleRocket. Gamebryo is also being used by EA-Mythic

for its upcoming game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning as well as

Divinity 2: Ego Draconis from Larian Studios.

    Emergent's CEO sees this agreement as a major milestone in the next

generation of game development. He views NVIDIA(R) PhysX technology and

Emergent's Gamebryo as a natural fit both strategically and technically.

    "More than becoming the standard for creating immersive games, NVIDIA

is as dedicated as Emergent to delivering the tools, runtimes and

technologies needed to radically improve the state of development," said

Geoffrey Selzer, CEO, Emergent. "Both companies are committed to platform

agnostic, flexible modular solutions that harness the power of multi-core,

multi-threaded development. With NVIDIA's deep support for these values, we

will offer the industry the most powerful, flexible, and easiest

development environment available to push the edge of video game technology

and creativity."

    The NVIDIA PhysX development solution consists of a robust physics

engine, API, and middleware designed to give developers and animators

unprecedented creative control over the look of their final in-game

interactivity by allowing them to author and preview physics in real time.

PhysX technology works across all major gaming platforms, including

Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC, and can be accelerated

by both the CPU and any CUDA(TM) general purpose parallel computing

processor, including NVIDIA GeForce(R) GPUs.

    "We are delighted to be building a fusion of our PhysX technology and

the Gamebryo engine," said Roy Taylor, vice president of content relations

at NVIDIA. "The combination will provide developers a unique platform for

introducing the world to their creative vision and technology innovation."

    About Gamebryo

    Gamebryo is a mature software product that ships with 3,500 pages of

fully indexed, searchable documentation. To date, Gamebryo has been used in

more than 200 shipped games titles ranging from massively multiplayer

online games, high-end retail games across multiple genres, and casual


    About Emergent

    Emergent Game Technologies provides flexible technologies and services

that give developers an unmatched range of integrated capabilities for

building, testing and managing games. These proven, stand-alone solutions

include the award-winning Gamebryo game engine used to create hit

next-generation games for the Wii(TM), PLAYSTATION(R)3, Xbox 360(TM), and

PC. Emergent gives developers the flexibility they need to fuel creativity

while reducing risk. Emergent is headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., and

has offices in Chapel Hill, NC; Austin, Texas; London; Tokyo; China; and

Korea. To learn more, visit http://www.emergent.net.

    About NVIDIA

    NVIDIA (Nasdaq: NVDA) is the world leader in visual computing

technologies and the inventor of the GPU, a high-performance processor

which generates breathtaking, interactive graphics on workstations,

personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. NVIDIA serves the

entertainment and consumer market with its GeForce(R) products, the

professional design and visualization market with its Quadro(R) products,

and the high-performance computing market with its Tesla(TM) products.

NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. and has offices throughout

Asia, Europe, and the Americas. NVIDIA's inaugural NVISION 08 conference

will be held August 25-27, 2008 in San Jose, California. For more

information, visit http://www.nvidia.com and http://www.nvision2008.com.

    Certain statements in this press release including, but not limited to,

statements as to: the benefits, features, impact and uses resulting from

the union of PhysX technology and Gamebryo; and the availability of the

next release of Emergent's Gamebryo are forward-looking statements that are

subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to be

materially different than expectations. Important factors that could cause

actual results to differ materially include: development of more effective

or efficient technology to drive physics acceleration in games; the impact

of technological development and competition; design, manufacturing or

software defects; changes in gamers' preferences and demands; unexpected

loss of performance of our products or technologies when integrated into

systems; as well as other factors detailed from time to time in the reports

NVIDIA files with the Securities and Exchange Commission including its Form

10-Q for the fiscal period ended April 27, 2008. Copies of reports filed

with the SEC are posted on our website and are available from NVIDIA

without charge. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of

future performance and speak only as of the date hereof, and, except as

required by law, NVIDIA disclaims any obligation to update these

forward-looking statements to reflect future events or circumstances.

    Copyright (C) 2008 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. NVIDIA,

PhysX, GeForce, Quadro, Tesla, CUDA, and NVISION are registered trademarks

and/or trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the United States and other

countries. All other company and/or product names may be trade names,

trademarks and/or registered trademarks of the respective owners with which

they are associated. Features, pricing, availability, and specifications

are subject to change without notice.

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