Funeral Arrangements

Military Family traveling 1400 miles for funeral and trying to raise funds for a father’s funeral.

On August 1, 2018 July my wife’s father went home to the lord.

My name is Ambrose Salazar and my wife’s father unexpectedly passed away. He was a father of two and grandfather to five.  He was a hardworking and very prideful man who was also humbled when he held his first grandchild.

I am asking for your help today. We have not seen our families for years due to the military life. Having a wife and four kids and living halfway across the states will be a financial challenge. My father in law is survived by only his spouse, daughter and son. As my wife is the eldest it will be left to us to cover many of the expenses for a funeral to include traveling for the whole family. I thank you in advance for any donations and prayers sent our way.