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My name is Deborah Pierce. I live in Pulaski, VA. I have three children, in mid March of this year, my middle son Derek 26, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mucogenic Appendiceal Adenocarcinoma, a rare and virulent form of cancer. Derek was a hard-working and energetic individual before the diagnosis. He is also a very loving father to his son Zachary who is nine.
Since this diagnosis, Derek has been hospitalized with no solid foods. He has a tumor obstructing his kidney. A stent has been placed to help his kidney function but the tumor is still there. He has three tumors in his liver and one tumor creating bowel obstruction. He has undergone chemo for the past three months and also one round of radiation.
Soon he will be sent to Winston-Salem NC, nearly two hours away, for testing for surgery that has been successful in treating this type of cancer. After the testing he will come back to Pulaski for three more months of chemo and then return to Winston-Salem for the surgery. This surgery is invasive and dangerous. They will place radiation into his abdominal cavity to rid him of any remaining cancer cells.
Our family is asking for help. We have depleted our funds traveling back and forth to the hospital, paying for meals and snacks at the hospital and for medications not covered by his insurance, so that his son and family can spend as much time as possible with him. We are seeking funds to help with the future expenses of travel, meals and lodging to go to Winston-Salem, as well as to help with uncovered medications and mounting medical expenses.
Derek has a long road ahead but the treatment is looking very promising. We hope everyone can find it in their hearts to make a contribution so that this young man can proceed on his road to recovery with a peace of mind that he will be able to continue being a loving father and provide for his family without the medical expenses looming over him and know that we live in a world where there are people that still care.

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