Gofundme legal defense

I went to help my sister and 2 nephews, ages 13 and 14, to get out of an abusive household. He boyfriend is a convicted sex offender on PA Megan’s Law. He appeared from behind a door with a 2×4, and a rifle. I instructed him to put both down, but only complied with the rifle. He proceeded to go after my sister and I with the 2×4, so I got in between her and him to protect her, and I ended up shooting him once with my legal 9mm. Again, it’s registered, and I have a permit to carry. I wouldn’t have pulled it if he just would’ve put everything down . I was put in the middle of a very bad situation, and feared for my sister’s and my own safety. It’s an uphill battle, and don’t have the cash to fight this. I’m sorry for what I did, but I can’t take it back. This was strictly SELF DEFENSE. I have to go to a jury trial, and that’s about $25,000 for the lawyer. Any help is appreciated. I have a 7 yr old boy who is my WORLD. I’m an Assistant Cubmaster, and I umpire baseball. I’m very active in the community, but this is putting a beating on me. I’m a disabled Air Force Vet, and can’t work. Thank you in advance for your support.