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I recently took  Sean into our home as he currently does not have a safe place to live.  Sean is a very “special needs” young adult and  should be getting Social Security Income, but his guardian has been misusing his money and has been maliciously living off this money  for the last 2 1/2 years. This young man has been left behind, as all of his caregivers (mom, dad, grandpa have passed away). This young man doesn’t even get his own paycheck because his guardinan has direct deposit to her account which he doesn’t have access to. The funds that I am asking for in this Go Fund Me request will be used to pay for food, shelter and medical expenses.  Currently, I have been paying for all of Sean’s expenses with my very own money, but I am no longer able to do so. Sean would be so grateful for any help, as he was just diagnosed with diabetes and the medical expenses will be piling up very quickly. If you could please help out Sean at all,  it would mean the world to him.  Any denomination of support would truly be a great blessing for us at this time. 
Thank You, and God Bless!!!
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