Help a veteran get the medical care he needs GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

I am trying to raise money for medical transport which is very expensive to get my Stepfather who had a stroke moved to West Virginia along with my Mother

This is for my Stepfather John. He is a 77 year old Army Veteran and an all around amazing man. He has always done everything for our family and taken such good care of all of us. My Mom, myself and my siblings and after a while all of the Grandkids.

A little over a year ago he had a stroke and has been in a nursing home ever since. His insurance is no longer paying anything and his social security has been stopped. Not having the money to pay the nursing home they are threatening to kick him out. His savings is dwindling quickly leaving my 78 year old Mom worried to death about what to do. I work alot of hours and am very rarely home which makes things harder.

I am trying to raise this money to get him medically transported to West Virginia and into a VA hospital where he will get better care and also to get my Mom closer to her family so that she will have a support system for herself as well instead of being alone so much.

This campaign is for medical transport and also a moving company for all of their belongings. Please help me get a veteran the care he deserves and get him transported to a better facility for rehab and hopefully be able to bring him home where he belongs

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