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Children are gifts. However, unfortunately, we haven’t either succeeded in taking care of our gifts or even protecting them. Millions of children still live in streets, they sleep on empty stomachs, miss out schools to work in farms and mines and also other dangerous environments to make a living.

Children in Kenya and the world are counting on you. The funds donated here will help to tackle homelessness, buying food and clothing to the homeless children in parts of Kenya most affected by poverty such as Turkana.


1. Donate

Donate to assist to meet the critical needs of children suffering due to lack of food and other basic needs. You can donate some of the items that have with the children. Items that are acceptable include:




-Tooth Paste

-Tooth Brushes

-Sanitary Towels

Kindly ask for the address you can use to send these items.

2. Fundraising

You can help to raise funds here on this website. It is fast and easy through the donate button. Help us give each child what they deserve; a childhood. With your donation we can assist deliver life-changing support to children that need it most.

3. Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers across the globe to assist us attain our mission.


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