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I won in court and ended up Homeless family in AZ by Robert Puentes GoFundMe CrowdFundingExposure.com Campaign

Hi my name is Robert and I have my fiance and my two boys.To make a long story short we had took our manager at the time to court do to a severe mold issues that we had in our restroom.

Also in case you didn’t know that Phoenix doesn’t have any mold laws being that we have such a dry climate. So yes it was very difficult to win but we did all though it was only our deposit and one months rent total 1,700. BUT!!! He has 5 years to pay!!! After we depleted every single cent.

And didn’t even care about putting us in a hotel used our electricity on our box that we would load daily for his mold crew to come in and tear up our master bathroom and had to keep this big humidifier running for 3days on what little money I had. They even wore hazmat suits and we have pictures and proof of everything court documents videos everything!!

I feel like for doing what was right and asking our landlord to fix the problem we ended up homeless and in a shelter here in Phoenix. Papago springs are the name of the apartments. 1819 N 40thst building E #8 Phoenix Az 85008 and he has a Mexican national named Allen who does his dirty work for him and rents the apartments and Jean salem is the landlord name. Beware of this place there’s other apartments with mold. FACTS!!!

Nothing against anyone just stating FACTS and we have pictures and proof of everything.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/6gr5x6g

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