K.K VICE VERSA BAG – backpack, messenger, handbag – all in one

These unique, transforming, leather bags can replace 3 different types of bags. It’s a backpack, messenger bag, and handbag all in one.
In the beginning of the April 2017 the founder of the CODAworkshop, Katerina Grishina, had been looking to further develop the company and began a collaboration with a talented designer, Katerina Shikarenko. This combining of skills and experience gave rise to the K.K Vice Versa line of products.
Vice Versa is a line of transforming bags that can convert into a variety of bags by changing the length of the straps and the way in which they are attached.
The basic material is a quality leather that has the highest strength and durability. While strong and durable, its also soft. The waxed surface becomes more unique and develops character as it is used and ages.
Secondly, but no less important, is the wood used in its construction. A bonded birch wood forms the frame of the bag and gives it great durability.

This alliance of two wonderful materials: leather and wood, creates a product for those who like minimalism, functionality and style.