Life changing surgery

Life changing surgery for excess skin removal because of skin yeast infections that occur multiple times a month. My doctors have documented these skin infections so my insurance will cover a portion but not all of the cost. I’m on fixed income due to workers compensation injuries that left me unable to work.

This surgery is the only way to stop these skin infections, which smell like rotting flesh. My skin cracks and bleeds as well as gets slimy from the yeast infections. It’s embarrassing. I live in hiding due to the smell. I have never asked anyone for anything, I have always worked for what I needed. This surgery would be life changing to me because I can live my life again. I won’t feel like I have to hide from being embarrassed from the odor.

I am actively saving money and I’m selling clothing and jewelry to help raise money for my surgery. Thank you to whom ever reads my bio and contributes. I appreciate everyone who takes time to stop by to read my story.