Moral US Online Gambling Stance Ironically Creating a Corrupt Market

2008-07-15 02:00:00

Casino Gambling Web expert gaming analyst, Gordon Price, believes the Republican representatives who are pushing for an online gambling ban to protect the consumer, are actually in turn creating the exact same environment in which they are trying to prevent.

New York (EMWNews) July 15, 2008 — According to Gordon Price, expert gambling analyst from, Republican members of the United States congress, “overly influenced by the ignorance of the religious moralists of their party,” are opening up a corrupt industry to the American market.

Moralist Republicans Made Mistake?
Moralist Republicans Made Mistake?

This past month has seen House Bill HR 5767, a bill presented by House Financial Services Committee Chairman, Barney Frank, meant to stop anti-Internet gambling laws from moving forward, shot down by the Committee. The Bill was expected to pass, but saw the final vote split down party lines after Chad Hills, gambling analyst from Focus on the Family, urged his members to contact their Republican representatives. The members did as they were told and got Republican Congressman Bachus on their side, who in turn influenced the other Republicans on the committee to negatively vote for the Bill’s passage.

“Hills claims that Internet gambling is a drug as bad as crack cocaine and the Republican leaders sing the same tune. The problem,” said Price, “is that Hills and his Republican puppets simply push a group’s hyperbole, without having any backing by legitimate research and analysis.”

“As a result,” Price said, “the legitimately licensed and regulated online gaming sites are kicked to the curb, while the unlicensed, unregulated companies are left to thrive. And then they (the Moralist Republicans) congratulate themselves as if they have accomplished something!”

Price explained that with the legitimate companies out of the way, the corrupt ones – the ones that will accept bets from minors, that will institute corrupt practices meant to deceive players out of their money, that will attempt to launder money – are left untouched by American laws, “because quite frankly,” Price said, “the corrupt online casinos aren’t leaving the US market no matter what happens and there isn’t much the US authorities can do to stop them.”

According to Price, however, there is one way to stop the corrupt the casinos from proliferating. “Let the legitimate ones back in!” Price exclaimed. By letting the well-run companies into the market Price believes the corrupt ones will slowly be pushed out of the market.

“If regulations were put in place corrupt casinos would not be allowed to advertise on TV or on websites, number one,” Price said, “and number two, if Americans had a choice to go to corrupt casinos or reputable ones, they would choose the good ones, of course, and the bad ones would quickly die out.”

Price sent US representatives from his website to Washington D.C. last year with a package that expressed detailed analysis and testimony from both pro-gambling and anti-gambling experts. “The consensus amongst both groups was to regulate the industry,” Price said.

The package, which included a petition signed by over 10,000 Americans who wished to regain their personal freedom, was hand delivered to every United States congress person by the Casino Gambling Web representatives.

“According to the detailed research in the packet, the way to truly keep Internet gambling from becoming an addiction, the way to stop corrupt practices by corrupt casinos, the way to move forward in a safe and responsible manner, is to regulate the industry,” Price continued.

“The UK was the first major power to regulate the industry and they are finding much success in the process. Incidence of problem gambling since the passage of the UK Gambling Act of 2005 has not risen drastically as predicted. France is now implementing online gambling regulations and they appear to have mastered the practice.”

“You see,” Price said, “when you regulate this industry you can run responsible gambling campaigns to inform the public of the possible perils of gambling, you can watch what the gambling sites are doing to be sure they do not implement bad standards of practice, you can demand those gaming companies institute the same practices as online banks do to protect the consumer. By regulating the industry you also keep out corrupt casinos by promoting the upstanding ones.”

“If you really want to see the citizens protected,” Price insisted, “let the reputable companies into the market. The corrupt companies that harm the consumer will then disappear and the country’s people will be better off.”

“It is their ignorance that will lead to their downfall,” Price said prophetically of the Republican leaders. “Those religious conservative groups, led by ill-informed zealots, are influencing their congress people strongly in the wrong direction, and they don’t have the understanding and foresight to know that they are creating the exact same evil environment which they are trying so hard to prevent.”

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