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More Clients Turn to Dr. Zarrabi for Silicone Breast Augmentation


Dr. Michael Zarrabi

2008-08-19 06:00:00

SANTA MONICA, CA–(EMWNews – August 19, 2008) – Silicone breast augmentation has become a

popular option for many women who want to enhance their figure by

increasing their breast size. Dr. Zarrabi offers silicone breast implants

at his private practice in Santa Monica, and reports a dramatic increase in

demand for silicone implants received FDA approval in November 2006. Dr.

Zarrabi states that over 60% of women at his practice are requesting

silicone breast implants, and breast enhancement with silicone continues to

be one of the most sought-after procedures in breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a delicate procedure that should only be handled by

a board-certified plastic surgeon with several years of experience. Dr.

Michael Zarrabi is a skilled surgeon in this industry, and patients who

want to achieve natural-looking results without the long-term side effects

commonly associated with breast implants now have more options. Silicone

has become a preferred choice because of its lack of long-term health risks

and fewer safety concerns, and offers patients an improved look and feel


Dr. Zarrabi uses several techniques to perform the silicone breast

augmentation procedure, and his years of experience in the field enable him

to make use of essential skills and techniques that reduce the risk of

tissue damage and also create aesthetically pleasing results. Dr. Zarrabi

places the implants directly under the breast tissue or underneath the

chest wall muscle so that the final result looks more natural and leaves

very few scars.

Beverly Hills and Los Angeles continue to be an attractive destination for

clients looking for premium services and breast enhancement surgery in a

safe and professional setting. Dr. Zarrabi is a well-respected Santa

Monica plastic surgeon who offers several body contouring, body enhancement

and breast augmentation procedure options at his private practice in


About Dr. Zarrabi

Dr. Michael Zarrabi ( is a Board Certified Plastic and

Reconstructive Surgeon. He has built his career to become a leading Santa

Monica cosmetic surgeon, and specializes in all aspects of facial

rejuvenation, body contouring, breast augmentation and skin reduction. As a

top Santa Monica plastic surgeon, Dr. Zarrabi offers personalized

treatments where each patient can experience individualized operative care

for their specific needs.

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