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Murdered Monarchs and Time-Travelers Make for Exciting Fantasy Sequel

2008-08-04 02:00:00

Murdered Monarchs and Time-Travelers Make for Exciting Fantasy Sequel

King Reginald is murdered and his son, Robert, fearful he will experience the same fate, must rely on a sister who knows magic and a time-traveler masquerading as a duke to protect him from a mysterious woman. Will the unlikely duke be able to help his ‘prince in need’ before it is too late?

Chapel Hill, NC (EMWNews) August 4, 2008 — Return to Myrridia where magic makes anything possible, even unique forms of murder. Mysterious villains kill a king and then seek his son’s demise. They can even plant evil in a person’s mind so it can trigger another’s death. Excitement builds as an unlikely duke and his friends fight to save their sovereign in Debra Killeen’s “A Prince in Need: Book Two in the Myrridian Cycle” (ISBN 9780980178050, Helm Publishing 2008).

When King Reginald of Myrridia is murdered, his son Robert unwillingly inherits the throne. Unfortunately, Robert must deal with the aftermath of his father’s faults. King Reginald’s murderers may now be out to kill the new king as well. As ‘a prince in need,’ Robert must rely on the magical skills of his sister Allyson, as well as Chris McCabe, a time-traveler from the future, posing as the Duke of Saelym.

This second novel in the Myrridia series follows “An Unlikely Duke” in which Chris traveled to Myrridia from another time. When Duke Christian Lattimore was murdered, Chris agreed to act as substitute in his place. While Christian’s murder was solved, the path was opened up to the murder of King Reginald in “A Prince in Need.” The murderer now seeks continued revenge on Prince Robert and Duke Christian, but what she does not know is that Chris has substituted himself for the Duke.

Chris is experiencing his own problems when the novel opens. When he took on the role of duke, he also became husband to the real Duke of Saelym’s wife, Helen. But when Chris’s former girlfriend, Nicole, comes through a portal into Myrridia, she begins to create trouble between Helen and Chris. The situation doesn’t get better when the murderess kidnaps Nicole and plants a magic trigger in her brain that is intended to make Chris have a brain hemorrhage.

“A Prince in Need” is filled with excitement, fascinating character development, magic, and several plot twists. The novel is perfect for teenage or older readers who love fantasy, science fiction, and the medieval period. Readers will close the book, impatient for the next volume in the Myrridian series.

About the Author

Debra Killeen graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1985 and spent fifteen years working as a pharmacist in numerous settings–hospital, retail, and home infusion. She never found the right fit. Then, having reached her limit with managed “care,” she transitioned careers into clinical research and writing novels. Debra lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her sister Diane and five exceptional cats–Mandy, Scott, Finn, Isis and Osiris. “A Prince in Need” is her second book, following “An Unlikely Duke” in the Myrridian Cycle.

“A Prince in Need: Book Two in the Myrridian Cycle” (ISBN 9780980178050, Helm Publishing 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.

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