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hello my name is kevin guzman and I have no choice to ask for a donation to be able to pay a immigration lawyer to defend me in my case in what I am applying for residence by marriage but my case is a bit complicated because I came to united states as illegal and I have to apply for a forgiveness and show in court that I do not want to return to my country El Salvador because i have a 2 years old baby and my family was threatened by gangs and let me tell you that 2 years ago the gang members killed my cousin and I have proof of everything what happened to us in our country and we had no other options than to come to this country illegally to take refuge from the gangs and now I have the opportunity to apply for permanent residence but I need a lawyer and the expenses estimated by the lawyer are 7,000 dollars, I ask for a help to start my case, every dollar helps God will multiply them and if they help me I will keep yall abreast of the process as proof that it is not a fraude God bless you..

Hola my nombre es kevin guzman no tengo otra opcion que pedir una donacion tengo la necesidad de pagar un abogado de migración para defender mi caso de residencia por matrimonio pero los gastos estimados son de 7,000 dolares y no tengo como cubrirlos ya que estoy en un bajo nivel economico necesito un abogado para mostrar que yo no puedo regresar a mi pais de origen El Salvador ya que mi familia a sido amenazada a muerte por pandillas y ellos ya acabaron con la vida de uno de nuestros primos y si a mi me deportaran correria el riesgo de morir tengo una niña de 2 años la cual no quiero dejar sin padre por eso necesito ese dinero lo antes posible si me ayudan yo estare mostrando el proceso como prueba de este caso por favor ayudenme Dios se los reconpezara